Why Be Your Old Boring Self?

Be your-SELVES in your travels!

Tired of being your old mundane, boring self?
The Three R(E)’s of Travel and then Some!

Travel Psych Hats

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Why be your old mundane, everyday boring, bored, tired self in your travels and adventures? Just kidding—sort of! You get what I mean.

That is, travel is supposed to be a way to RE-invigorate, RE-juvinate,  RE-fresh, RE-set, and RE-invent ourselves, isn’t it?

When you go away on a vacation or adventure you all would like to be and do more than just the typical ordinary things according to your typical ordinary ways, and so on, wouldn’t you?

I mean, travel is a means to becoming  a RE-newed person—more of the person we would like ourselves to be, don’t you think?

We all want to be more than our simpler everyday typical selves, don’t we? Don’t we all want to do and be “all that we can be?”

Anyway, I’ve discovered in my own life that I am a mosaic or myriad of personal ‘selves.’ I try on different hats. I am the consummate ‘Actor.’ I am the ‘Fool.’ I am the ‘Scoundrel.’ I am not the ONE: I am the MANY.

Which of my 14 travel archetypes are you? Are you any others that I am not? What travel archetypes can you create / invent for yourself?

To see my travel archetypes (the travel archetypes of The Travel Psychologist) go to:…

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