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is my way of gaining attention to my life’s passion of both gathering and sharing the true-life incredible travel adventures of more than 1,600 world travelers and adventurers whom I’ve encountered both in my travels and in my day-to-day ordinary living. It’s a bid to collect a piece of one’s travel-life history, which will often disappear into oblivion if not shared in some way or passed along in some way to others who would like to know about what’s happened to you. Wanted–Your Travel Stories; Reward–An eBook Memento for you with your story in it for sharing with others for all to see through my travel tales series. It’s a way to thank you for sharing.

Wanted / Reward!



Got Any Great Travel Stories for this Series?

I’ll reward you with a gift copy of any ebook(s) your stories appear in. And I’ll credit you for your contribution.

Or to protect the guilty, the innocent, or the embarrassed, I’ll keep you anonymous if you like!

If so, please leave a reply below. And I’ll contact as soon as I can.

“Thanks to Michael Brein . . . to be the pioneer of this field “

–Shawn K. 07.18.2013