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I’ll reward you with a gift copy of any ebook(s) your stories appear in. And I’ll credit you for your contribution.

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If so, please “leave a reply” below, and I’ll contact as soon as I can.

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  1. I would like to contribute to the stories. I have some to tell. Please let me know how to give a submission.

  2. I may or may not have posted this story before. I am not one to be inclined to believe in Ghosts or anything otherworldly. I have had a few strange experiences in my 7 years that I spent living in Thailand. When I first arrived in early 2000 for the first time, I was amazed at all of the stories and widespread belief in Ghosts and other supernatural things. Out of all my strange paranormal experiences one in particular is forever etched into my mind.
    It was mid-2001 and I had already moved to Thailand and been living there for a few months. My colleague who came over to join me to help start up our shrimp processing facility South of Hua Hin had come over to join me. We were still waiting for the factory build out, permitting and some equipment to be shipped over and had some free time. The Thai partner in our venture suggested that we go down to Phuket for a holiday. We caught a bus and headed down to Phuket. We were pretty new to Thailand and somehow got on a second class bus that took a very long time. It was monsoon season, and it stormed the entire way and the bus was leaking. People were taking the curtains off the windows and using them as blankets. We finally arrived in Phuket town at around midnite and somehow found a tuk tuk to take us to a hotel in patong.
    The hotel was not that bad but was completely empty and was a long row of rooms down a narrow alley with a jungle next to it. For some reason they put us in a room way in the back. The whole place was rather creepy although we didn’t really realize it at the time.
    There were two old maids that cleaned the room that seemed like Zombies. It continued to rain off and on the whole time. To make matters even worse there was Mosque very close, and you would hear the eerie sounds of the prayers over a scratchy loudspeaker several times a day.
    The next day we walked around a bit and that night went out to the bars and did what you usually do. That evening late my coworker and I returned to our room drunk and went to bed. we were sharing a room as we were on a pretty tight budget. There were two twin beds in the room and I chose the one near the bathroom. My friend had the one near the door. I was pretty drunk but not too bad as I always seem to kep my wits about me.
    I remember as I was going to bed I made sure that the bolt on the door was locked. I had just got into bed and was just at that point where you are falling asleep. When I was startled by the sound of the bolt on the door opening. It was very clear the click of it being pushed up and then the slide. Then the door very forcefully opened all the way. I immediately jumped up and ran to the door and seen nothing. My friend was still passed out and snoring. Well needless to say this totally freaked me out , and has made a permanent very vivid memory of this experience. I know for certain that I checked that bolt to make sure it was locked. There were no closets and the bathroom was a typical Thai one with a drain in the floor. The mattresses were on top of boxes. So there was no way that someone could have been hiding in the room as some have suggested.

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