Got Stories?

“I can always use another story!”
–Michael Brein

Got Any Great Travel Stories for this Series?

“You wouldn’t believe the incredible stories people have told me about their travels.”


For more than four decades I’ve interviewed just about 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during my own travels to more than 125 countries.

I have been collecting nearly 10,000 of their best travel stories (including my own). These tales contain the good, the wonderful as well as the bad and the truly horrible of what can and actually does happen to you when you travel overseas.

You know, the U.S. State Department’s travel advisories and warnings . . . these things really DO actually happen to travelers. I know–I’ve interviewed them–I have their stories!

 Booth6In interviewing travelers, I probe to explore the psychology behind their experiences.

While the stories are often humorous, reflective and even mystical at times, many intriguing tales show how travelers deal with life threatening and often very dangerous experiences–and still manage to live to tell about them!

Sad to say, some stories are about travelers who didn’t make it.

More than 200 different travel themes weave their way throughout these stories, creating a psychology of travel – an endless mosaic of the true travel and adventure tales of not just a few people, but of many – in fact – ultimately  about 1,750 people!

These tales are not travelogues; these are not the tales of tourists and how they spend their summer vacations–these are the true accounts of life, of the wonders of peak human experiences, of struggle–and in some cases–of the death of travelers!


So, come on and join us by our virtual, proverbial African campfire and share some of your best travel stories with the rest of us!

We want to hear your stories!

Nearly 10,00 travel stories
collected so far from . . .
travel tales contributors
as of July 1, 2014

“Thanks to Michael Brein . . . to be the pioneer of this field.”                   —Shawn K. 07.18.2013 


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