Travel Psychology FAQ



Q. What is the psychology of travel?

A. Travel psychology is the study and application of knowledge about the human mind and behavior specific to the activity of traveling. Culture shock, for example, is an issue that people struggle with when coming to terms with the typical psychological unknowns that they must understand when immersing themselves in a foreign country for a longer period of time.

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Travel Story


Mayhem on the Metro*

Madrid, Spain, 1995


Reprinted from‚ Travel Tales Monthly, Issue No.1, JUL 2014

Tourist 8 copy

Sketch by Ted Keller

“I was riding the Madrid metro, standing in the center part of the car. I was loaded down with an attache case, a backpack, rolled up posters I had stuff in my hands and in all my pockets. I was, shall we say, oblivious. In sum, I was a mess! an accident ready to happen a perfect victim in waiting!”

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Wanted / Reward!



Got Any Great Travel Stories for this Series?

I’ll reward you with a gift copy of any ebook(s) your stories appear in. And I’ll credit you for your contribution.

Or to protect the guilty, the innocent, or the embarrassed, I’ll keep you anonymous if you like!

If so, please leave a reply below. And I’ll contact as soon as I can.

“Thanks to Michael Brein . . . to be the pioneer of this field “

–Shawn K. 07.18.2013

What Kinds of Stories?


People ask, “What kinds of stories are you looking for?”

Here’s a couple hundred subjects and themes that I’ve interviewed just about 1,750 world travelers and adventurers about over the last four decades. Might I have missed something?

Scan the list, and I’m sure story ideas will jump out at you. The funny thing is, that once we’re doing an interview, you’ll be surprised at what comes to the surface!

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Travel Tales Monthly Bookazine

13.GENERIC.1 copy

I am pleased to announce that my periodical Travel Tales Monthly will soon be available. It is my monthly bookazine release of simply incredible travel tales, told 10 at a time. I, Michael Brein, aka The Travel Psychologist, have made it my life’s passion to interview (now up to) just about 1,750 world adventurers and travelers I have met throughout my world travels to more than 125 countries over the last four decades.

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