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Over the last four decades, I’ve interviewed nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers in my own travels to more than 125 countries throughout the world. I am weaving their 10,000 or so fantastic travel tales — as well as my own — into a psychology of travel as revealed by these very telling stories.

These are travelers I’ve met on planes, trains, buses, ships, tours, safaris, and in campgrounds, cafes, and pubs or occasionally through other travelers. These travelers and adventurers have freely shared their most personal travel tales with me, which I, in turn, get to share with you now through my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, in general, and my new Travel Tales Adventurer Series, here, in particular.

Each ebook and audiobook in my new Travel Tales Adventurer Series will feature a selection of noteworthy travel tales on a particular, specific country or travel theme, including complete stories and briefer vignettes. (See the accompanying photos of examples of some of my forthcoming titles in the series.)

Travel tales are told here — but with this one unique difference — with my being the world’s first travel psychologist, you’ll get more of the psychological pay dirt behind the incredible travel tales told to me by these truly adventurous travelers.

Ebooks will be available soon through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, and Apple Ibooks as well as in my own ESTORE on this website.

Similarly, audiobook versions will be available through Audible, Amazon, and Apple iTunes.

Expect upwards of as many as 100 forthcoming titles in The Travel Tales
 Adventurer Series.

A Travel Story

Taxis from Hell!

I’ve written an ebook and audiobook in my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series on the best of my own collected personal travel stories of my extensive life of travel. I’m so proud of this ebook. Why not have a looksee or a listenhear?

Taxicabs From Hell

An Excerpt from
Travel Tales of Michael Brein: My Best 100

When it comes to taxicabs, negotiate! negotiate! negotiate!

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