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The travel accounts in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, whether in ebooks, audiobooks, and blog or website entries may, in some instances, be graphic and disturbing. In general, please be forewarned that some material contained in this series may in-clude some unpleasant language, images, actions, and action con-sequences.

This series is meant generally for a more mature adult audience, yet, some material contained herein probably ought to be communica-ted in a clear and responsible manner to younger and relatively in-experienced and naive travelers, who most definitely have a need to know how to travel more safely and securely.

The author / publisher wishes to provide broad examples of inci-dents of travel. This series, therefore, is by no means a complete or definitive exhaustive collection of such activities, but is merely a sampling. As such, the contributors to this series offer a variety of opinions and actions. The author / publisher does not necessarily agree in whole or in part with some of the opinions expressed by various contributors.

Note: solutions to travel problems, travel tips, suggestions or travel advice offered to readers in either ebooks, audiobooks, in blogs or on the website in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series are precisely this: merely suggestive. We accept no liability for any behaviors or consequences on the part of travelers as a result of reading or listening to any of the travel tales included The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series either in ebooks, audiobooks, or in blog or website entries.

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