Going to London or Paris?

My London and Paris Travel Guides

Sightseeing by Public Transportation


My London and Paris travel guides are the only ones you’ll need for your visits to these cities. I show you exactly how to go to the top 50 visitor attractions easily, quickly, and comfortably by the Underground in London and by the Metro in Paris.

And, if you have only limited time, I’ll show you how to go to the top 10 visitor attractions by the Tube and by the Metro. You can’t beat that!

I’ll bet you never even knew about these! My London and Paris travel guides are the bestsellers in my series of 14 similar travel guides to sightseeing by public transportation.

Why not visit my eStore and have a looksee? You’ll be thanking me for having written them!

To see these travel guides as well as the 12 others in my series, please click here or choose the ESTORE in the navigation links above.

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