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are comprised of an exhaustive collection of descriptors of travel-living–a catalog of anything and everything that can happen to you in travel. Of course travel is a microcosm of all of all life’s activities, but in a condensed time and space. The glory and attraction of travel is the chance to experience so much that is new, exciting and positive in a collapsed time and space. You go to a new country, and suddenly you are confronted seemingly all at once and in a relatively small space by all that it is that you need to survive, enjoy, achieve, and reap the benefits of traveling. But all is simply not paradise in travel, for along with the good and the enticing is the possibility of not all going as predictable and as well as we desire. There is the good and the wonderful, the bad and the terrible. Our catalog of travel-life needs to include it all.

What Kinds of Stories?


People ask, “What kinds of stories are you looking for?”

Here’s a couple hundred subjects and themes that I’ve interviewed just aboutĀ 1,750 world travelers and adventurers aboutĀ over the last four decades. Might I have missed something?

Scan the list, and I’m sure story ideas will jump out at you. The funny thing is, that once we’re doing an interview, you’ll be surprised at what comes to the surface!

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