Agent Provocateur?

(Agent) Provocateur!



Travel Archetype-8.Scoundrel

Someone called me a ‘provocateur’ this morning. At that moment, I didn’t know whether to splash him in the (morning) hot tub (after my daily lap swim), to punch him in the nose, or to thank him. After an instant, thinking about it, I exclaimed, “You know what? You’re quite right!”

I realized then and there that I did not need to create yet another ‘travel archetype’ to explain my oft whimsical actions of a scoundrel- or trickster- type that I fairly often found myself doing in my travels (and in my real life). I realized that the ‘Provocateur’ is another manifestation of the ‘Scoundrel’ travel type that I have already invented as an archetype to characterize some of my actions as a rogue traveler around the world.

The ‘Scoundrel’ is the trickster, fun-loving rogue that gets himself in and out of sometimes ‘dubious’ situations in travel. Yeah, mostly these are innocent, somewhat reckless actions that are largely harmless, but that have the potential to wax sinister.

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And, what are your travel archetypes, I might ask?

One thought on “Agent Provocateur?”

  1. If ever there was a travel rogue (besides myself, of course), there is the infamous George Wingfield (in the photo on the left), who by virtue of his sometimes wild and crazy travel-life, now warrants a place in the “Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, ”specifically, in the forthcoming book in my series: “Travel Tales of the Baron ThreeCocks!”

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