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No. 12 June 2015

Travel Tales: The Paranormal & the Strange

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My new Travel Tales Monthly issue No. 12 for June 2015, a monthly book-of-the-month bookazine, is now available in my eStore. Go for more information and to purchase or subscribe.

Michael Brein’s Travel Tales Monthly Bookazine Issue No. 12 for June 2015 contains among the best travel stories from Michael’s huge collection of about 10,000 travel tales that he has gathered in interviews with nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during his four decades of travel to more than 125 countries throughout the world.

The Paranormal & the Strange

Notice the plethora of programs on TV covering all aspects of the paranormal, such as ghost stories, UFOs, and monster creatures running around forests and woods? Well, actually ESP, psychic experiences of all kinds, and synchronicity, and the like, are what this issue of Travel Tales Monthly is all about.

Not especially about ghosts. UFOs, crop circles, and mystical experiences so much (just a few), as these are (and will be) covered in depth elsewhere in the Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series with ebooks specifically devoted to these particular specific subjects.

In this Issue

An ESP event or other form of psychic or strange experience is indubitably happening to a traveler somewhere today. And so it is: there’s hardly a day now that a strange or paranormal incident of some sort or another is not happening to a traveler somewhere.

Therefore, we’re very interested about the paranormal experiences that sometimes result in a very significant or meaningful event in our travel-lives, so, naturally, we’re taking a lot closer look at the travel-paranormal or the travel-strange these days than we have ever done before.

And regarding the psychology of travel, in particular, we should take a much closer look at what actually happens to us that borders on the paranormal and the strange that we sometimes experience in our travels when we least expect it, and how this all impacts our travel-lives. And so, in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, this is exactly what I do.

The paranormal stories include the full range of the human experience, including a wide variety of forms of bizarre, strange, and paranormal manifestations in our travels.

From our experiences with gurus, our sightings of UFOs, ghosts, and crop circles, to our occasional ESP occurrences, to the strange coincidences—or synchronicities—thought to be meaningful, but seemingly impossible, and finally to those rare strange mystical or spiritual encounters, there is no lack of these sorts of experiences in our travels. Though very rare, they do happen on occasion, and they do happen to many of us at some time or another.

The paranormal and the strange are now more in the public eye than ever before. Thus, it is no surprise, that regarding the experiences of ESP and these other sorts of bizarre experiences, we are paying attention now more than ever before—we are, on closer view, now much more aware of how our travel experiences do on occasion include something of the full range of the strange and the paranormal.

And in this one particular unique microcosmic window of scrutiny, namely, travel, we see that our travel experiences of the paranormal involve a cornucopia of all sorts of the strange and the bizarre that are neither unimportant, insignificant, indistinct, nor independent with respect to the overall experience of travel.

Fear it or actually seek it out, the occasional occurrence in travel of the truly bizarre, the strange, or the paranormal may actually be on the increase in travel. In fact, a very good case can be made that travel opens you up more to the paranormal than ordinary life does, otherwise.

And why might this be? It is said that children, for instance, are more open to the strange and the paranormal, and thus, do not filter these sorts of experiences out, and that because of their relative young ages and lack of life experiences, they are not yet overly influenced and jaded by their cultures as is the norm. And since travel tends to be opening and freeing, and less constraining, it is possible that travel does, indeed, open us up as adults somewhat more to the potentiality of these relatively stranger experiences.

Whether you’ve experienced apparitions, something mystical, ESP, or something otherwise strange or bizarre in your travels, it is my personal mission that some of these experiences are repeated here!

Your travel paranormal stories deserve to be told, and some of them appear here in this issue.

Please enjoy the selection of the paranormal and the strange travel stories in issue No.12 June 2015 of Travel Tales Monthly.

Introduction to Travel Tales of the Paranormal & the Strange.

Part 1

Travel tales of the paranormal & the strange are divided, for the time being, into two parts simply because there is so much material.

Part 1 appears here in the current Travel Tales Monthly issue No. 12 June 2015 and serves as a general introduction to this subject matter.

Part 2

The unabridged, expanded forthcoming ebook Travel Tales of the Paranormal & the Strange, part of The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, is a larger volume and includes both Parts 1 and 2. Basically, it will include more of best travel stories within the first batch of my original collection of recorded travel tales.

019.The Paranormal

The travel stories in Part 1 consist mainly of the most interesting travel tales of Michael Brein (me), the author, plus some other contributors, which have appeared so far in my Travel Tales Monthly and Travel Tales Collections series.

The travel stories in Part 2 contain, additionally, some of the best and greatest stories of world travelers and adventurers whom I’ve encountered and interviewed throughout my travels over the last four decades to 125 countries.

These additional stories will not have yet appeared in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series.

Mainly your travels will be fairly typical, fun, and not necessarily strange, odd or bizarre. And your travels may not necessarily include any particularly life-changing or jolting paranormal experiences, by any means. 

Nonetheless, truly astounding and memorable odd experiences may, indeed, happen to you at almost any turn along the way. It happens to many of us.

I hope that if truly momentous travel events of the paranormal and the strange do happen to you, that you consider these as potentially awesome experiences—maybe even gifts! For these tend to be, for the most part, quite harmless but wondrous, and not necessarily something to be feared or avoided at any and all costs.

And I sincerely hope that the great selection of travel tales that appear in these pages will give you pause to think about your own life and your travels and give you a hopeful hint of what possibly lies in store for you somewhere or sometime in your own future travels.

If something of the paranormal or the strange does happen to you in your travels, you deserve to also be in these pages!

Got a great travel tale for The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series?

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