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No. 12 July 2015

England, Ireland & the British Isles Stories

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My new Travel Tales Collection, issue No. 12 for July 2015, England, Ireland & the British Isles Stories, a monthly book-of-the-month bookazine, is now available in my eStore. Go to for more information or to purchase simply click on the ESTORE button above and to the right.

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About Travel Tales Collections

Travel Tales Collection, England, Ireland & the British Isles, No. 12, July 2015, is part of Michael Brein’s Collections travel tales series and contains among the best stories from Michael’s huge collection of travel stories that he has gathered in interviews over the last four decades. I’ve interviewed nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers in my own travels to more than 125 countries throughout the world. I am weaving their 10,000 or so fantastic travel tales into a psychology of travel as revealed by these very telling stories.

These are travelers I’ve met on planes, trains, buses, ships, tours, safaris, and in campgrounds, cafes, and pubs. These travelers have freely shared their most personal travel tales with me, which I, in turn, get to share with you now through my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, in general, and the Travel Tales Collections, here, in particular.

Each Collection features a group of similar noteworthy travel tales of a kind, all on a very specific travel subject, theme or country. The travel stories appear in Travel Tales Collections as a waypoint along their way into the ebooks in my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series.

Travel tales are told here—but with this one unique difference—with my being the world’s first travel psychologist, you’ll get more of the psychological pay dirt behind the incredible travel tales told to me by these travelers.

About this Collection

London is one of my most favorite cities, not only in Europe, but also in the entire world. And I love England and the rest of the U.K. as well. And while London is always exciting for me to visit, it is the whole of the United Kingdom that remains particularly etched in my memories.

I got to know London particularly well when I researched it for my travel guide series to sightseeing by public transportation (Michael Brein’s Travel Guide to London by the Underground).

Although you could say that I popped in and out of holes in the ground (the Tube!), I still walked a great deal all around London. Maybe I can almost say that I know London like the back of my hand!

It is only fitting, then, that an ebook on London and the whole of the British Isles, including Ireland as well, should be included in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series.

A London, British, or Ireland travel story is probably somewhere in the news today about something or other that is going on with a traveler somewhere in British Isles or Ireland!

And so it goes. There’s hardly a day now that someone is not having an incredible travel experience in the Britain or Ireland of one kind or another. Therefore, we’re taking a closer look at London, Britain. and Ireland stories in this issue of Travel Tales Collections.

Since Great Britain and Ireland have so much to offer the traveler in regard to the psychology of travel, we should take a much closer look at what actually happens to people while traveling in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

And so, in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, that’s exactly what I am doing in this current final issue of Travel Tales Collections No 12 for July 2015.

Great Britain and Ireland travel-life stories include the full range of the human travel experience, including all aspects of what traveling is all about.

From fulfilling the draw of London and its other components, i.e., to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the various British islands, as well as Ireland, and to all sorts of interactions with the British and Irish people, we’re examining the full breadth of incidents, whether good, wonderful, bad or horrible that happen to travelers to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

And like all places around the globe, travel experiences can and do run the gamut from the positive, the beautiful, and the wonderful, to the less-so and to occasionally negative experiences that can happen and are a part of travel-life.

We’re looking at what excites us about London to that what might make us a little less comfortable about travel in the U.K.—though the positives far, far outweigh any negatives in Britain and Ireland.

Travel to London, the U.K. and Ireland encompasses it all: from the exciting to the alluring and to the less so—London, Great Britain, and Ireland have it all.

Travel to London, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the rest of Europe is now more in the public eye than ever before. Thus, it is no wonder now, that, in so far as travel to Europe is concerned, we do now need to be a little more circumspect and more attentive to our travel environment than ever before.

Whether you’ve experienced the good, bad, or the exceedingly rare ‘ugly’ of travel in the U.K., your tales are, nonetheless, memorable, and it is my personal mission that some of them are repeated here!

Introduction to Travel Tales of England, Ireland & the British Isles!

Part 1

Travel Tales of England, Ireland & the British Isles is divided into two parts simply because there is so much material. Part 1 appears here in the current Travel Tales Collection issue No. 12 July 2015 and serves as a general introduction to this subject matter.

Part 2

133 England copy

The unabridged, expanded forthcoming ebook Travel Tales of England, Ireland & the British Isles, part of The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, is a larger volume and includes both Parts 1 and 2.

The travel stories in Part 1 consist mainly of the personal British travel tales of Michael Brein (me), the author, plus those of a few other contributors. The travel stories in Part 2 are, largely, the British and Irish travel stories of world travelers and adventurers, whom I’ve encountered and interviewed all throughout my travels over the last four decades to 125 countries.

Mostly, your own London, U.K., and Ireland travel will typically be interesting and rewarding, and totally without incident, but odd things can and do happen to you at almost any turn along the way in your travels, and travel in London, the U.K., Ireland and Europe is certainly no exception.

I hope only peaceful and wonderful things happen to you in your Great Britain and Ireland travels. I sincerely hope that any unlikely negative experiences of traveling in the U.K. and Ireland do not happen to you in your own travels.

And if something unusual does happen to you in London, the U.K., or Ireland you deserve to also be in these pages!

Got an interesting travel tale to tell about your travels for The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series? Please feel free to contact Michael Brein at

Note: Some stories may be repeated in other ebooks in this series depending on the countries and subjects covered.

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