Travel Tales Monthly Bookazine

Travel Tales Monthly
No. 5 November 2014

Travelers’ True Confessions:
Dangerous & Disastrous Behaviors


Travel Tales Monthly Issue No 5  for November 2014, a monthly bookazine, is now available in my eStore. Go to for more information and to purchase or subscribe.

Michael Brein’s Travel Tales Monthly Bookazine Issue No. 5 for November 2014 contains among the best travel stories from Michael’s huge collection of about 10,000 travel tales that he has gathered in interviews with nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during his four decades of travel to more than 125 countries throughout the world.

The 10 travel tales that are featured for November, as well as each following month, include a fascinating mix of travel stories as well as a few brief vignettes. These are, simply said, great travel stories!

The November issue features such tales as The Black Book, Confessions of a Customs Officer, and Confessions of a Stewardess, whereby travelers get themselves into trouble by behaving and acting in ways that make them guilty of doing dubious things while traveling overseas.

It is difficult enough to stick to the straight and narrow back home. But what are the consequences of acting and behaving illegally or immorally in a foreign land?

And in one of our featured stories for this month, the Black Book, our traveler toys dangerously with several U.S. Federal authorities and becomes her own worst enemy!

And even worse, and unbelievably, a Pan Am stewardess gets in over her head by daring to become the mistress of the president of an Asian country! How sensible or dangerous is that?

Acting in ways contrary to good common sense, we have in this month’s issue a number of travelers who dare to taunt fate in the face of possible dangerous and disastrous consequences.

And, finally, you will also see some aspects of travel that you, yourself, may not ever have even considered before. And, once again, you will certainly experience vicariously those odd vagaries of travel-life that can await you and can suddenly appear just around the corner at just about any turn along the way.

Winding up this month’s issue is George Wingfield, our guest contributor for this month, who describes the hilarious antics of some very odd touring clients he has worked with in the U.K.

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