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 Travel Tales Collections
No. 4 November 2014

Ghost Stories


My new Travel Tales Collection, Spooky Tales 1, a monthly bookazine, issue No 4 for November 2014, is now available in my eStore

Michael Brein’s Travel Tales Collection, Spooky Tales 1, features a bunch of bizarre and strange tales of the paranormal that can happen to you in your travels. Strange things do happen, and mostly they are the usual, typical, expected sorts of normal experiences. But there are also those unexpected, strange surprises that pop up now and again in your journeys.

The Travel Tales Collection, Spooky Tales 1, features stories of witch doctors, and haunted airplanes, hotels, and cemeteries, such as, ”The Witch Doctor,” “Psychic Willie,” and more. Just because you’ve never experienced the paranormal at home, let alone in your travels, doesn’t mean it cannot happen to you sometime when you least expect it!

The Travel Tales Collection, Spooky Tales 1, is part of Michael Brein’s Collections travel tales series and contains among the best travel stories from Michael’s huge collection of travel tales that he has gathered in interviews with nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during his four decades of travel to more than 125 countries throughout the world.

Travel Tales Collections are groups of three or more very interesting similar travel stories of a kind on a variety of very specific travel subjects, themes, or countries, such as close calls, great escapes, pickpocketing, scams, safety and security in travel, Paris, Morocco, Mexico, and so on.

Eventually, several hundred Collections on all sorts of specific travel subjects, themes, and countries will be available on all the major eReaders.

Future Collections and other ebooks will include additional travel stories on the bizarre, the strange, and the paranormal.

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