Travel Tales of Peace Corps Volunteers

Travel Tales of Peace Corps Volunteers!

Coming Soon: An eBook in my Travel  Tales Series!

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I’ve had lots of friends in the Peace Corps. And I once even did a stint, myself–well, sort of–as a psychologist for the University of Hawaii’s Peace Corps training program for the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga.

Far and away, Peace Corps people are among the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. And how so lucky they are to be able to truly experience what a total immersion is like into another culture.

Learning the language and facing the intense unknowns of a strange and distant culture demands unbelievable courage. To face, deal with, and overcome the immense culture shock that can accompany such a total in-depth entry into another culture is worthy of an award and celebration of life when one successfully emerges from the momentous experience and returns home again to what can really not be described as business and life as usual.

For as a returning Peace Corp volunteer, you have the secret knowledge that you truly accomplished something marvelous and maybe made a meaningful dent in the lives of people who are maybe not as fortunate as you are.

This forthcoming ebook in my series is to be a compilation of the travel stories I’ve collected from people belonging to this magnificent group–The Peace Corps!

Jumping whole hog into a distant and alien culture is perhaps the ultimate human experience that anyone can ever hope to have to be able to experience the truly novel and the different.

For many of us this has got to be the personification of all those fears that one who does not have such an experience can ever begin to imagine.

If you have your whole life organized and ordered for you down to the minutest detail in order to be the most brainless you can be, then, certainly, the Peace Corps is not for you!

Celebrate with me with this book–this ‘base jump’ into some of the travel trials and tribulations of some of the bravest, adventurer-explorers of the diversity of human culture that you’ll ever meet–the Peace Corps Volunteer!

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