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I am pleased to announce that my periodical Travel Tales Monthly will soon be available. It is my monthly bookazine release of simply incredible travel tales, told 10 at a time. I, Michael Brein, aka The Travel Psychologist, have made it my life’s passion to interview (now up to) just about 1,750 world adventurers and travelers I have met throughout my world travels to more than 125 countries over the last four decades.

“You wouldnt believe the incredible stories people have told me about their travels, I always am wont to say when I talk about the nearly 10,000 travel tales that I have amassed over the years in this way.

Stories run the gamut of the good, the wonderful, and the magical, as well as, indeed, the bad, the horrible, and the truly horrific!

Stories are told mainly in the present tense by interviewees, but, alas and alack, some are revealed about travelers who unfortunately did not live to tell their tales. These have often been related to me by weary, teary, and bleary-eyed travelers who felt that these tales should also be told.

Into the pages of Travel Tales Monthly and then into the volumes of The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series ebooks will go the formerly untold tales of close calls, dangers, and great escapes; the mystical, spiritual, and the paranormal; meeting people, making friends, and receiving incredible hospitality; harassment by beggars, hustlers, and con artists of all kinds; famous and infamous characters met and phenomenal experiences had; and much, much more all in the form of about 200 ebooks covering all sorts of subjects, countries and themes.

The intent of Travel Tales Monthly is to present collections of tales each month, introducing you to the stories as they make their way into The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series in the form of completed standalone ebooks in the series.

My telling of travel stories via my Travel Tales Monthly as well as my travel tales ebook series is travel storytelling par excellence, but with one significant difference: I am is the worlds first and perhaps only (and maybe even last!) travel psychologist. Thus, I tell the travel stories with a particular, unique psychological bent or flair there is a lot of travel psychology behind everyones sharing of their experiences. With deftness and persistence, I attempt as best I can to hone in on and ferret out the usually heretofore unexplored and untold truly psychological netherworld that lurks just below the surface of most people’s travel experiences, making them transparent and bringing them into full view.

For instance, I look for what led up to the good or wonderful travel experience. How can we experience more of same? What was behind the horrific life-threatening or pickpocketing experience that got you caught up in in that one horrendous moment? Lets unravel bad experiences piece by piece to see how this might have been avoided in the first place. Let’s unfold wonderful travel experiences to see how these may be repeated.

What are some of the philosophical and life-changing insights gained from mystical experiences in your travels? Whats it like to experience your roots? How does it feel to be the first white person that others have ever seen? How does it feel like to be touched by a stranger? What is real fear like? On and on, I delve into travel experiences from the standpoint of what is interesting, what is to be learned, and what is to be gained? How can this be made to happen again? Or NOT at all?

I am quite confident that you will be mesmerized and captivated by the stories you read in my Travel Tales Monthly and in my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series.

You will soon be able to subscribe to Travel Tales Monthly on a monthly, six month,  or annual basis, and you will be able to purchase the standalone ebook issues as well.

One more thing. Good News! I plan to publish a story or more each month or more frequently in this blog from issue to issue for you to get a heads up on and to be the first to read whats hot and whats coming out in each monthly issue of Travel Tales Monthly!

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