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No. 9 April 2015

Airplane  Stories

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My new Travel Tales Collection, issue No. 9 for April 2015, Airplane Stories, a monthly book-of-the-month bookazine, is now available in my eStore. Go to for more information and to purchase or subscribe. And if you are looking for something unique for your traveler-adventurer friends, my travel tales ebooks will fill the bill!

Travel Tales Collection, Airplane Stories, No. 9, April 2015, is part of Michael Brein’s ‘Collections’ travel tales series and contains among the best travel stories from Michael’s huge collection of travel tales that he has gathered in interviews with nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during his four decades of travel to more than 125 countries throughout the world.

Travel Tales Collections are groups of very interesting similar travel stories of a kind on a variety of very specific travel subjects, themes, or countries, such as close calls, great escapes, pickpocketing, scams, safety and security in travel, Paris, Morocco, Mexico, and so on. Eventually, several hundred ‘Collections’ on all sorts of specific travel subjects, themes, and countries will be available on all the major eReaders.

An airline story is in the news today!

And so it goes. There’s hardly a day now that an airline incident of some sort or another is not in the news. We’re taking a lot closer look at air travel these days than ever before. Therefore, as regards the psychology of travel, we should take a much closer look at what actually happens on airplanes. And so, in The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, that’s exactly what I do.

Air-travel-life stories include the full range of the human air travel experience, from pre-boarding incidents to arrivals; from the cabin to the loo; from the public and private lives of airline personnel as well as passengers—from the pilots to the stews to you—from that which makes us laugh to that which makes us cry, as well as, unfortunately, to that which creates abject fear and terror in the skies.

Air travel is now more in the public eye than ever before. Thus, it is no wonder now that regarding the experience of traveling in the skies—like any other aspect of travel—we are not only more circumspect than ever before—we are, on closer view, now much more aware of how air travel is now seen to elicit the full range of the human experience.

And in this one particular unique microcosmic window of scrutiny we see that air-travel is but one unique travel environment in a cornucopia of many others, and one that is neither unimportant, insignificant, indistinct, nor independent with respect to the overall experience of travel.

Love it, hate it, or simply endure it, the lure of traveling in the skies, whether as just a means to a place or as an end in and of itself, the activity of flying, per se—airplane travel stories not only endure, they are on the increase.

Whether you’ve survived a crash, been bombed by terrorists, been part and parcel of other scares and frights, been harassed upon departure or on arrival, or even laughed yourself stupid on a flight, your tales are memorable, and it is my personal mission that some of them are repeated here!

Introduction to Travel Tales of Airplanes: Terror in the Skies!

Part 1

Travel Tales of Airplanes: Terror in the Skies! is divided into two parts simply because there is so much material. Part 1 appears here in the current Travel Tales Collection issue No. 9 Apr 2015 and serves as a general introduction to this subject matter.

Part 2

The unabridged, expanded forthcoming ebook Travel Tales of Airplanes: Terror in the Skies, part of The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series, is a larger volume and includes both Parts 1 and 2.

The travel stories in Part 1 consist mainly of the personal air travel tales of Michael Brein (me), the author, plus those of a few other contributors. The travel stories in Part 2 are, largely, the air travel stories of world travelers and adventurers whom I’ve encountered and interviewed all throughout my travels over the last four decades to 125 countries.

Mostly, your own air travel will typically be exciting, interesting, and without incident, but odd things can and do happen to you at almost any turn along the way in your travels, and air travel is no exception.

Unfortunately, the restricted, constricted, and microcosmic environment of the airplane lends itself sometimes to a variety of episodes illustrating the vagaries of the human temperament and behavior that rear their ugliness on airplanes from time to time, whereby air passengers and crew sometimes act and behave in ways that are often atypical and different from how we normally would behave at home.

I hope only peaceful and laughable events happen to you in your air travels. I sincerely hope that the negative travel tales of airplanes do not happen to you in your own travels.

If something interesting happens to you in your air travels, you deserve to also be in these pages!

Got an interesting travel tale for The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series?

Please contact Michael Brein at

Note: Some stories may be repeated in other ebooks in the series depending on the countries and subjects covered.

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