Sirens Luring Sailors to their Deaths?


Heine–the Story of a Musical Genius Gone Awry!

Featured Travel Story in  the September Issue (No 3)
of Travel Tales Monthly

People are all full of rare, mysterious, apparently paranormal and other ‘gifts’ and abilities that give rise to a panoply of oft strange and (maybe mystical at times) human experiences.

And, maybe most of us, or some of us, are fortunate enough to have experienced at least one of these strange, bizarre psychic events in our lifetimes. And some of us maybe never have or never will! But–and here’s the key–there’s ENOUGH of us that have experienced something of this to strongly suggest that maybe we should pay more attention to this stuff.

And, ain’t it a damn shame (but I do understand why) that the norm throughout ‘civilized’ human history has been largely to suppress this sort of thing?

It’s no surprise, then, is it, that children are often the ones to experience apparitions (until they are socialized against doing so); plenty of people see UFOs; some of us have synchronicities we cannot possibly explain away; others have predictive episodes; telepathy, and on and on the list continues.

When it comes to the paranormal and the bizarre, “Why can’t we all get along?” Heine, in this month’s (September) Travel Tales Monthly (Issue No 3) was someone with a rare musical genius, who, because of / or, woefully, in spite of his wondrous gift, got caught up in something way beyond his ability to cope with.

More about the September Issue:

Michael Brein’s Travel Tales Monthly Bookazine Issue No. 3 for September, 2014 contains among the best travel stories from Michael’s huge collection of about 10,000 travel tales that he has gathered in interviews with nearly 1,750 world travelers and adventurers during his four decades of travel to more than 125 countries throughout the world.

The 10 travel tales that are featured for September, as well as each following month, include a fascinating mix of travel stories as well as a few brief vignettes.

The September issue features such tales as The Chicken, The ‘Cow,’ and The King of the Road, whereby travelers get themselves into trouble by driving and running into people or animals with their cars. It is difficult enough when such a thing happens at home. But what if it occurs in a strange foreign land? What do you do?

And, if that is not enough for you, how about Heine, our featured story for this month about a former child musical prodigy who accidentally stumbles into a strange mystical experience involving ancient mystical and mythological legends. Everything points to the possibility that an ancient sea legend may just turn out to be true!

You are going to scratch your head this month. And you will also see some sad and serious aspects of travel as well. You will certainly experience vicariously those vagaries of travel-life that can await you and can suddenly appear just around the corner at about any turn along the way.