Travel Tales Collections

Travel Tales Collections are ebooks consisting of very interesting similar travel stories of a kind on a variety of very specific travel subjects, themes, or countries, such as close calls, great escapes, scams, wildlife, Paris, Morocco, Mexico, Turkey and many more.

Travel Tales ollections are part of The Travel Psychologist Travel Tales eBook Series.


Say, for example, you are interested in the subject of pickpockets. You’ll read in the ‘Collection’ on pickpocketing a number of travel stories about how many people have dealt with pickpockets in their travels.

So, are you maybe Interested in specific travel stories about France, African safaris, safety and security overseas, mystical experiences, rogues and characters, ghosts and the paranormal, the Cold War Soviet Union, ‘from hell’ travel tales, or what have you?

Eventually, there will be up to several hundred Collections on an extensive variety of very interesting travel subjects, themes and countries to choose from.

Simply select any Collections that suit your specific travel interests or needs.

You can buy Collections ebooks as standalone items. Like to borrow rather than buy? You can even rent them–for a mere trifle!

And here, BTW, is the cover of the first “Travel Tales Collections” ebook, “African Safaris 1”:

TTC-001 Sq Cover

We cordially invite you to browse the shelves at The Travel Psychologist  eStore!

(NOTE: “Collections” is a new work in progress and more titles will be added gradually to the eStore.)

Finally, the first five Collections ebooks make up a mini-series of square-shaped ebooks in a rectangular travel-world. I’ve always been a bit of a square peg, myself, and now, I’ve finally gone and done it! I’ve created a completely apparently inconsequential square-shaped ebook in a very rectangularly-shaped eworld!


However, if Collections does one thing well, it should at least entertain you. And you may even learn something useful. For example, if you read the forthcoming issue on pickpockets, you may even be able to avoid the scourge yourself. And if you read the one on scams . . . well, you may very well be able to avoid becoming a victim of a travel-scam as well.

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