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Michael Brein’s Travel Guides to Sightseeing by Public Transportation

Travel-Guide-LondonMichael Brein’s acclaimed public transit travel guide series includes both print and digital ebook editions to sightseeing the top 50 (or top 10 ‘Must See,’ if you have limited time) visitor attractions using subways, metros, light rail, selected buses, and so on, of 14 of the most popular international cities around the world.

Each guide includes mini-area maps that show you which transit lines to take, which stations or stops to board at, where to get off, and exactly how to walk to the attractions.

Travel-Guide-ParisHaving sold nearly 200,000 copies of these guides, there simply is no other travel guide series of its kind designed around public transportation.

The London and Paris guides shown here are two of the 14 travel guides in the series.

Note: Michael Brein’s Travel Guides are somewhat dated, but they have very long shelf lives. That is, some visitor attractions may have been closed or added. And some public transit stops may have been added or some routes may have been added or extended, etc.

However, and most importantly, all or most of the main top visitor attractions are still very much the same.

Therefore, I am recommending that Michael Brein’s Travel Guides best be used in conjunction with GPS apps such as Google Maps on your iPhones or other portable devices. Michael Brein’s Travel Guides to Sightseeing by Public Transportation work just great along with GPS!

Note: Price of print books includes shipping. Orders of print books within the UNITED STATES Only. No foreign orders. (ebooks may be ordered worldwide.)

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