It’s a Wonderful Life!

Wake Up! Pay Attention!
Stop Running on Automatic!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

It's a wonderful life¬†Yup, it’s a wonderful life! (for some and not for others). And this posting is just a gentle reminder that it is–like it or no–an increasingly more dangerous travel world out there. SO PLEASE PAY (more) ATTENTION, my dear friends and fellow travelers!

“Pay Attention!”

This is just a simple, all-important catch phrase that’s well worth becoming something of the ‘new mantra’ for overseas travelers and adventurers. I think the ‘ordinary’ touirist (one who’s not so particularly steeply immersed into the travel experience versus the ‘traveler’ who is more travel savvy as a result of a more in-depth travel-life history) may too easily just pay lip-service to the notion that one ought to be running on all cylinders overseas rather than just ‘running on automatic’ as we tend to do when we travel just as we typically do when at home, when we need not be particularly ‘conscious’ or aware of what is just at the perimeter of our envelopes, bubbles, what have you — our personal psychological and physical space . . .

The above is not meant so much as a warning that “the sky is falling; the sky is falling,” as it is a bid that we all need to be more conscious and aware than we tend to be in our overseas travels. The world is ‘a changing’, so, please, pay (more) attention!



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