Travel Tales of Michael Brein: My Best 100


Michael Brein is the world’s first and only travel psychologist, who has created a unique series on the psychology of travel as told through the travel tales of about 1,750 world travelers and adventurers he has interviewed over the last four decades.

“My Best 100,” the second book in the series, is a collection of Michael’s 130 own best personal travel tales, including close calls and great escapes as well as his zaniest and funniest travel experiences. Michael explores his travels, revealing a rare in-depth psychological look at what happens to you when you travel to exotic, strange cultures.

“My Best 100,” promises to be one of the most unusual travel books you will ever read! It might alternately have been named “Confessions of a Travel Psychologist” or maybe even “Tales of the Last Travel Psychologist,” since no one has heretofore written about the psychological netherworld of travel as Michael has.

When you read Michael’s collection of his own travel stories you may wonder if all this could possibly happen to one world traveler. It certainly did! After reading some of his hair-raising and hilarious tales you may further wonder whether or not Michael’s travel experiences are real and revealing or simply a figment of his own rich imagination, and, finally, if Michael should have been allowed to travel abroad at all, and if, instead, he should have been locked up in a padded cell with the key being thrown away! You decide!

If you are a traveler, youll surely want to read the personal accounts of Michael Brein as he goes behind some of his most interesting travel experiences, revealing a rare psychological look at what can and does happen to you when you travel in exotic, strange cultures. Is Michael for real?

This eBook is the expanded (full) edition of the lite version “Travel Tales of Michael Brein: My Top 10.”


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