Michael Brein’s eBooks are available in The Travel Psychologist eStore on this website. They are also generally available through your favorite ebook retailers such as the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and others.

There are several categories of eBooks available:

Travel Tales Monthly Magazine is a monthly magazine series of collections of simply great travel stories, 10 at a time each month. Current and back issues are available.

Stories are selected from among the best of 10,000 travel tales collected by Michael Brein through interviews with 1,600 world travelers and adventurers whom Michael has met through his own travels to over 125 countries in the last four decades.

Stories included in the Travel Tales Monthly are making their way into one or more eBooks that constitute the The Travel Tales eBook Series (see below).

“You wouldn’t believe the incredible stories people have told me about their travels.” — Michael Brein

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Travel Tales Collections are small baskets or bundles of travel tales (about three) usually centering around a specific theme, such as “Paris”, “Morocco”, “Close Calls”, etc. Collections are travel tales making their way into ebooks in The Travel Tales eBook Series.

Travel Tales eBook Series will ultimately consist of about 200 or so complete ebooks on  different  subjects, places, and themes of travel. For instance, ebooks will on close calls, danger, great escapes, humor, the best of the best, travel safety and security, wildlife, the mystical, spiritual and paranormal, and many many more. See Travel Story Themes for more examples. Typically, each ebook will consist of approximately 10 to 12 travel stories.


Whatever form of ebooks you choose please know that these are interesting, mesmerizing accounts of travelers as they deal with the good and wonderful, bad and horrific of what happens to them in their travels to other countries (and sometimes within their own countries as well). The stories are recounted but with a difference: Michael Brein probes into the psychology behind people’s travels in ways you have not seen in other accounts of travel before.

Travel Guides to Sightseeing by Public Transportation comprise the world’s first and only travel guide series dedicated to getting to and seeing the top 50 visitor attractions in 14 (going on 20) of the world’s most popular cities using public transportation, such as metros, subways, rail, light rail, ferries, selected buses and more. Michael Brein’s guides are all you need to get to points of interest quickly, easily, conveniently–and best of all–cheaply!

Travel guides in this series are usually available in multiple formats such as PDFs, ePub2 (flowable text), and KF8 (Kindle Fire) and ePub3 (fixed format) ebooks. Most are available also in print.

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Travel guides sold since 1978

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