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  1. Hi Michael — Enjoyed you on C2C last night. In my several travels to western Europe, I always felt safe while travelling alone, with one exception: Having gotten lost on an autumn evening in the Turkish area of Frankfurt. Not speaking any German, I asked a young German woman as she passed by whether she spoke English, and she turned to me to say, “You shouldn’t be here. Come with me.” She took me by the arm and we walked briskly to the bus stop. As we parted ways, I thanked her profusely. To this day, I don’t know if I was ever in any danger, but I do feel as if an angel was sent , as there was no one else on the dark, empty street where I had been lost. Other than often having feelings of deja vu during my travels, that was the only time that made my hair stand up on my neck!
    Your island neighbor (Vashon),
    Debbie Browne

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