Travel Tales: Women Alone—The #MeToo of Travel


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THIS SERIESI’ve interviewed nearly 2,000 world travelers. I’ve weaved the best of their 10,000 travel tales into a psychology of travel as revealed by these very telling stories. These are travelers I’ve met on airplanes, trains, buses, ships, tours, safaris, and in hotels, campgrounds, cafes, and pubs. These courageous travelers have shared their most personal travel experiences, some good and wonderful and others horrific and life-threatening, which I, in turn, share with you now through my True Travel Tales series...


THIS BOOKTravel Tales: Women Alone is Volume 3 of the True Travel Tales series and deals with safety and security of the woman solo traveler. It is about how to travel safely throughout the world. Unfortunately, travel today finds us in a world of growing terror threats, the imposition of severe and strict cultural and religious restrictions on women’s rights and freedoms, as well as decreasing tolerance for cultural and religious differences and diversity around the world. For women traveling alone, having to deal with hassles and assaults is daunting in the least. For women alone, travel mostly is exciting and relatively safe, but for many women, traveling in some countries, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, can often be traumatic and downright dangerous.


These are the true travel tales of solo women travelers being sexually harassed and assaulted in their travels around the world and what some of them were able to do about it! They are shouting “Me Too!” to you through these pages! No one should be subjected to the despicable, disgusting and degrading behaviors that these women have had to put up with at the hands of men who should be relegated to the dregs of humanity!