Travel Tales: Wild Animals


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THIS SERIES Over the last few decades, I’ve interviewed nearly 2,000 world travelers and adventurers. I am weaving the best of their nearly 10,000 fantastic travel tales into a psychology of travel as revealed by these very telling stories. These are travelers I’ve encountered on planes, trains, buses, ships, tours, safaris, and in campgrounds, bars, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. These courageous travelers have freely shared their most personal travel experiences, some good and wonderful and others even horrific and life-threatening, which I, in turn, get to share with you now through my True Travel Tales series.

THIS BOOK is a collection of wildlife viewing stories including some very scary tales of often coming close to serious trouble with wild animals in your travels but managing to just barely escape. It is also a collection of the fearful sorts of things that can and do happen to travelers, but mostly these will not happen to you. But if they do, you get to experience real, raw fear including sometimes fear for your very own life. These are very unsettling occasions that may pop up now and again in your travels. The book includes specific tales of close calls, and, hopefully, great escapes with encounters by travelers, largely on safari in Africa and India, and elsewhere, even, with lions, tigers, snakes, hippos, elephants, Cape buffalos, crocodiles, dogs, bulls, monkeys, baboons, hyenas, birds of prey, cougars, bears, and more.