Travel Tales: The Gourmand — Food & Drink Abroad


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THIS SERIES Over the last few decades, I’ve interviewed nearly 2,000 world travelers and adventurers. I am weaving the best of their nearly 10,000 fantastic travel tales into a psychology of travel as revealed by these very telling stories. These are travelers I’ve encountered on planes, trains, buses, ships, tours, safaris, and in campgrounds, bars, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. These courageous travelers have freely shared their most personal travel experiences, some good and wonderful and others even horrific and life-threatening, which I, in turn, get to share with you now through my True Travel Tales series.

THIS BOOK is a collection of the best travel stories of one of travel’s greatest pleasures and most engaging pursuits, namely, eating and drinking. To be sure, obtaining food and drink is perhaps the single most essential all-encompassing activity in travel. Beyond getting a roof over our heads, meeting and genuinely connecting with fellow travelers and the locals, and sightseeing, there is nothing so important and demanding of our time as our focus on what we eat and drink daily to sustain ourselves and quench our thirst in travel. There is nothing more pleasurable or sometimes more disgusting than our encounters with what we eat and drink. You will read or listen to interesting and riveting tales of food and drink that will create for you memories of the best and the worst of your dining and drinking in your travels. This book is about the most exotic of our foods and drinks in travel including tales of what we would never dare eat or drink at home. To be sure, this book is the sum total of our daily experimentation with being often one or the other of both the ‘Gourmand’ or the ‘Gourmet’ within. And quite often the distinction blurs as we engage in the ridiculous behaviors of the oft hilarious and embarrassing comings and goings of crazy stupid scoundrels on their (our) own National Lampoon-like (summer) ‘Vacations,’ who cannot seem to help themselves (ourselves) by behaving at times as the ugly Americans who we sometimes cannot help but be!