The Road to Strange: UFOs, Aliens, and High Strangeness


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They say UFOs are real! Humanity’s biggest mystery, the alien presence on Earth, continues!

For thousands of years to the present, “modern-era” people have been obsessed with the idea that we’ve been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere, whether extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, or maybe denizens from our future.

The Pentagon admits not only are we not alone but that we need to revive our study and knowing of what is really going on in our skies.

UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal have received renewed coverage in the media. No longer do we need fear the ridicule of the past; these subjects are not only worthy of continued study, they in fact demand it!

In this book, we examine UFOs and the paranormal with an expanded look at the lives of people who not only have had at least one major UFO or paranormal experience, but who have even had a lifetime of such experiences. We examine in depth what more we can learn from people who have multiple, repeat experiences of the strange and the unknown.

“Michael Brein’s latest offering in his Road To Strange book series is every bit as fascinating and compelling as his earlier offerings to the reading public. This inveterate world traveler, paranormal investigator, and raconteur does not disappoint in any respect, and I am happy to recommend this book without reservation.” —Peter Robbins, author and UFO researcher