The Road to Strange: The Contiguous Universe


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THIS SERIES Michael Brein continues the tradition of The Road to Strange series created by him as well as the late, great Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who sadly passed away in 2019. This new book, the latest in the series, remains highly focused once again throughout on delivering readers into unvarnished, highly credible, firsthand witness and/or experiencer testimonies. Each story is followed by an appropriately thoughtful, insightful commentary, which reflects clear insights throughout.

THIS BOOK Takes the reader further along The Road to Strange into the relatively involved and complex lives of 42 people by way of an in-depth look into their lives as people who have multiple and repeat UFO and/or paranormal experiences throughout their lives. The book encompasses two mantras: one: “I know what I saw,” and two: “If but one of these happens to be true, what then?” The author makes the case that in the era of expanding consciousness that we are in, perhaps we should expand our notions, as well, of an even greater range and expanse of our awareness and understanding of just what UFO and psychic experiences include and what they may mean. Author Michael Brein and editor Ellen Stuart aretwo of these 42 people along with Rosemary Ellen Guiley together with her husband, Joe Redmiles.