Available Formats in the eStore:

Michael Brein’s travel books and guides are available in a variety of formats described below. However, not all formats are available for all titles. Check the formats for any title you may be interested in. Additionally, some titles may be available for rental as well as purchase.

  • Print: only Michael Brein’s Travel Guides to Sightseeing by Public Transportation are available in print; the rest are available as ebooks only.
  • Audiobooks: Audiobooks are increasingly available for Michael Brein’s Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series on Audible and Amazon.
  • PDF: Pages are best viewed side by side using PDF readers.
  • Mobile ePub2 (flowable text): Pages are viewable on standard ePub readers.
  • Mobile iPad / ePub3 (fixed format): Pages are best viewed side by side using iBooks or other ePub3 readers.
  • Kindle (flowable text): Pages are viewable on your Kindle reader.
  • Kindle Fire KF8 (fixed format): Pages are best viewed side by side on your Kindle Fire (KF8) reader. Note: this version is not optimized for use with regular Kindle readers.

We cordially invite you to browse the shelves at The Travel Psychologist Web Store!

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