A Travel Story

Bocca della Verita
(Mouth of Truth)

I’ve written an ebook and audiobook in my Travel Psychologist Travel Tales Series on the best of my own collected personal travel stories of my extensive life of travel. I’m so proud of this ebook. Why not have a looksee or a listenhear to Travel Tales of Michael Brein: My Best 100?

An Excerpt from
Travel Tales of Michael Brein: My Best 100

When it comes to stretching the truth once in a while, telling occasional white lies or seeing what we can get away with in our travels, we are not necessarily corrupt, evil beings: we are often just people stretching and expanding our boundaries a bit to see what more and how we can be.

Below is one of my best travel stories in my collection involving my visit to the famed “Mouth of Truth” statue in Rome. Not only have I placed my hand in this infamous mouth (and fortunately managed to retract it as well), but I spent a few hours one day observing others and came to a few interesting conclusions.

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